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Welcome Rabun County Democrats

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Who we are & What we do

The Rabun County Democrats believe in the value of the individual and that government, while protecting life, liberty, and the property of individuals, must also be responsive to their collective needs and wills. We encourage full, timely and equal opportunity for all and promote the election of candidates for local, state, and national offices who will serve with competence, common sense, and compassion.


We welcome a diversity of individuals and groups in the belief that such diversity will strengthen our Party. We believe in the wisdom and efficacy of the will of the majority.


While pledging ourselves to the honest and open conduct of public affairs, we will, through the vehicles of periodic public meetings and frequent use of various forms of medica, encourage meaningful participation of all citizens within the framework of the United States Constitution and laws of the State of Georgia.

Democratic Creed by Jim Purvis 

  • We Believe - All people are created equal, that this is America’s fundamental ideal.

  • We Believe - That America is a democracy, by and for the people: ruled by the Constitution and its interpretations, protected by the Bill of Rights, and inspired by the Declaration of Independence.

  • We Believe - These founding documents demand Freedom, Justice, and Opportunity for all Americans, in full and equal measure — regardless of who you are, what you believe or where you live.

  • We Believe - That the duty of government is to strive endlessly to make the ideals of Freedom, Justice, and Opportunity a reality for all.

  • We Believe - That the purpose of government is to protect our nation, defend our democracy, and to endlessly promote the welfare of each and every one of us.

  • We Believe - That striving for these ideals is our purpose as a political party.

Take Part in Something Great


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