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It is the right of all citizens.
Voters accept that the counting of votes determines the outcome of an election.
Trust and faith in free and fair elections and the right to vote bind us to the nation we love.


Here is the official link to learn about the Rabun County Georgia election dates and times:

On the webpage you will find tabs for Voter Registration Information, Candidate Information, Drop Box Locations and Poll Worker Applications. Also you will find access to reports that verify the election results including the Official & Complete Election Summary Report as well as the Absentee Voting Totals.

Voting takes place at the Rabun Co. Board of Elections & Registration Office at 184 South Main Street, Suite 102, Clayton, GA 30525.

Phone number: (706) 782-1878

Office Hours: Monday thru Friday, 9am to 5 pm

This is also the office of the Election Director in Rabun County, Tammy Whitmire. She continues to inform the public about steps taken to guarantee the safety and security of the voting process and vote tabulation. Her work earned her the 2023 Ann Hicks Award of Excellence in Election from the Georgia Secretary of State for outstanding accomplishments in elections administration out of Georgia’s 159 counties.


The Rabun County Democrats volunteers are poll watchers during the November elections. See the Volunteer tab to take part.

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