PO Box 2204 
Clayton, Ga 30525

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Rabun's Leadership Team

As Rabun County Democrats, we see the value in everyone.

We are a catalyst for positive change. Join us on the pathway to turn Georgia BLUE.

Our Executive Committee

Bill Stueck Chair

Rosa Icela Carter Vice Chair

Dan Wilson Vice Chair

Mary Smith Secretary

Samantha Thacker Vice Chair

Erin Clark Treasurer

Wade Williams State Representative

Our Working Committees

COMMITTEE ON OUTREACH, ADVOCACY AND CAUSES  -This committee is where the rubber hits the road with direct contact and action with politicians, voters, the election process and the community. Chair, Miranda Compton


COMMITTEE ON EDUCATION AND STRATEGY  -This committee researches political trends, legislation, strategies and actions happening on the national, state and local level and recommends political strategies.

Chair, Dan Wilson


COMMITTEE ON COMMUNICATION  -This committee focuses on both internal and external communication making sure our messages get out in the most effective and timely manner using the appropriate mediums and platforms. Acting Chair Carol Short 


COMMITTEE ON MEMBERSHIP NURTURE  -This committee works on social events,  ensuring positive  emotions, attitude, satisfaction, and overall outlook of all, addressing morale issues and fostering an inclusive atmosphere in which every person is valued. Chair Kris Martin

Our County Committee

Pam Burchell
Peter Cleaveland

Miranda Compton
Rick Crouse
Sandy Lipthrott
Kris Martin

Don Martin

Roger Mills
John Perry
Memré Savant
Mary Wilson

Contact us to learn more about our mission, our vision, and how we go about making the changes you want to see.